Creative Halloween Costumes

creative halloween costumes

Some Creative Halloween Costumes 2009

During Halloween it’s great to be current and wear Halloween costumes from this year’s favorites. These could be the hit costumes of 2009. Try out the Wolfman 2009 costume, Friday the 13th 2009 Jason adult costume, the Nero Deluxe Adult Bruno 2009 costume, the women’s Red Dress Deluxe costume from the Star Trek Movie 2009 or the Grand Heritage Gold Shirt from the Star Trek Movie 2009 costume. Each of these costumes is a masterpiece in creativity. You will be truly amazed with the ingenuity and realism in their designs.

Friday the 13th 2009 Jason Adult Costume

When you scroll to this costume you will be amazed with the facilities available online. You can see an enlarged image with the use of the mouse pointer, the price is written, you have an option for size between Plus Size (XL) and Adult Standard, you are advised about the fabric that is 100% polyester and you are also given the care instructions. For instance you are apprised that hand wash, cold water and flat drying are recommended and the fabric is not suitable for either bleaching or ironing! You are also made aware that the shirt and the mask are both included. For placing your order online you choose your size, key in the quantity you want to buy and simply add to the cart! That’s not all. You can pick up similar products as well. These are the Camp Crystal Lake Sign and Jason’s machetes among others. This facility is available with other Halloween costumes as well.

The Wolfman 2009

Similarly in this case you are apprised of what all you will get, the care instructions, the price of the costume and advised of similar products. In this case the similar products are The Deluxe Latex Mask, Deluxe Latex hands and for the ultimate in realism 1 oz Hollywood Movie blood!

Bruno 2009

This costume, an officially licensed Bruno costume is a clear vinyl suit for an adult that includes the jacket and pants. The shoes, wig and briefs are not included. The other costumes from the Star Trek movie are similarly discussed graphically for true appreciation.

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Creative Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

New Black Punk Gothic Dark Rock White Skeleton Long Arm Warmer Fingerless Dress Gloves

New Black Punk Gothic Dark Rock White Skeleton Long Arm Warmer Fingerless Dress Gloves


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