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What To Expect From the Pictures of an Iguana

Iguanas are fun animals to have! If you are interested in buying an iguana, you’ve got to do a little bit of research before you make that purchase. There are plenty of websites online that provide information and
pictures of iguana
. If you don’t have time to stop by a pet store, or if you don’t have a pet store near you, looking through pictures online could be your best bet when trying to find an iguana for yourself.

There are many types of iguana species available. Down below you will find various descriptions of iguanas. Though there may not be a picture available for you to see, feel free to use the detailed descriptions and your imagination to visualize a picture of the iguana.

The first iguana is the green iguana. If you haven’t guessed already, these iguanas are green in color. These are most commonly known for being purchased for pet purposes. These are typically popular because the females have bright, vibrant green color and they are usually easy going. The males are usually easy going too and they are usually greenish-gray in color. These iguanas can grow to be around five to six feet long and they can weigh up to 18 pounds Most of the other iguanas are not as nice and can be quite vicious. The scales are soft and leathery scales, short legs and a long tail. If you look at the base of the head to the tip of the tale, you see a long row of spines sticking up.

Another type of iguana is the desert iguana. These are not typically pets because they love deserts. Unless you live in a desert, you probably wouldn’t want to get this iguana. If you pull up a picture of this iguana, you’ll see that they can grow to be ten to sixteen inches long. They are reddish brown and they have markings that look like nets located on their upper bodies. On the neck and trunk, you can find tan or gray spots. The tail is also gray or sometimes white and has rows of dark circles.

The rhinoceros iguana is unfortunately an endangered species. This iguana literally looks like a mini rhinoceros. It has horns at the end of its nose and three bumps on its snout. They can grow to be around two to three feet in length. They are usually grayish brown in color.

A much smaller iguana is the Madagascar iguana. If you look at a picture of this iguana, you’ll see that it is more feminine because it’s slender and it’s scales are shiny. The typical color for this iguana is reddish brown.

A pretty cool iguana is the helmeted iguana. It is really long limbs and it looks like it has a helmet on the nape of its neck. Its body is pretty slender. This iguana can reach the length of fourteen inches. It changes colors like chameleons. With a lot of sunlight, the color becomes lighter, without enough sunlight, the color becomes darker.

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